Im trying to add my treehouse account but it doesnt work. Also I dont know where to submit an issue so hopefully this works

If your VHD files is corrupted or damaged and you are able to accessing them, it means that VHD files are needed recovery. I would recommend to use an advance Virtual Machine Data Recovery Software which can can fix both FAT and NTFS file systems on virtual hard disk (VHD) created using Microsoft's virtualization solution. This software handles all issues related to accessibility or use of Windows Hyper-V VHD files easily.

Key Features:

  1. Recovers all Multimedia/Image Files, Database Files and Office Documents from virtual machines

  2. Recovery of all data lost because of corruption and formatting from virtual machines

  3. Performs recovery from virtual drives based on exFAT, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 file systems

Before purchase this Virtual Machine Data Recovery , you can test it at free of cost by using the demo edition.It will show you how the software fix Hyper-V VHD errors & recover data from damaged Virtual PC.

Download its free demo to try it before purchase.

For more info:


Is this site still being maintained? It looks like the link to PluralSight profiles is out of date (as noted in a months old comment below). The blog link does not seem to work. Seems like the site it out of service.

Merging or splitting PDF documents are the essential tasks for managing large or small PDF documents. This tutorial will guide how to merge or Split PDF files with the help of online or desktop applications. There are several solutions which can be used to combine many small PDF files into a single document or divide a large PDF file by pages. Before discussing PDF split, merge techniques, I would like to describe basic needs when a user requires splitting or merging PDF documents.

Why Need to Split PDF Document?

Sometimes a user need to break a big PDF file into smaller parts to share a specific part of PDF document with their clients and start wondering how to split PDF files online or using a free software.

What is the Need to Merge Many PDFs into One?

Working with a number of PDF files is quite difficult and time consuming. That’s why users require merging all small PDF files into a single PDF document.

Utilize A Free PDF Split and Merge Tool

SystoTech PDF Split and Merge is a free software available for online and desktop both users. Online applications for merging or splitting PDF files has limited options so it is highly recommended to download and use free PDF splitter merger. The software provides several helpful functions to split PDF file, merge PDF documents or compress size of PDF files etc.


Steps to Operate this Free PDF Splitter Merger

  1. Launch the SystoTech PDF split and Merge and choose a required option to perform the task
  2. Add all PDF files you want to merge, provide destination path, file name and click on the merge button.
  3. Choose a large PDF file you want to split, choose a split option, destination path and click on the Split button.
  4. Select a PDF file which you want to compress, choose destination path, file name and click on the Compress button.
  5. Note: For more information about this free project, you can visit the home page of the product.

    Home Page:

    Conclusion: The article is focused on how to merge or split PDF file for free. The SystoTech PDF split and merge has online and desktop both applications which can be used by everyone as per requirement . If you have any doubts or suggestions then put a comment below.

Mbox to PST Converter is an amazing tool which is designed to convert widely used MBX/MBOX clients into MS Outlook PST files. It is flexible enough to add new Outlook data to any PST file or create new data file.

  1. Preview converted mailbox objects before importing them to Outlook

  2. Converts the whole mailbox into Outlook PST file

  3. Allows users to convert the data into existing PST file or create a new one

  4. Converted emails saved in PDF, RTF, Office 365, and HTML formats in tech version

  5. Compatible with MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

By using this MBOX to PST Conversion tool, one can easily convert mailbox of Pocomail email client into Outlook PST. With the help of this tool, you can convert MBOX from Pocomail to PST and save it as the new file or include it to the existing file.

This software which can also convert MBOX file of different mail client like AppleMail, Entourage, Eudora, Postbox, Netscape, PocoMail, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Opera, PowerMail, Claws Mail, Evolution, SeaMonkey, Sylpheed, Mulberry, GyazMail, Gnu, Sparrow, or The Bat! Email client into MS Outlook importable PST file format.

It is also capable to convert multiple MBOX files at a time into one of the reliable format: PST, EML and MSG file format.

We are offering free demo version, so visit:

A PST file, or personal storage table (.pst) file is a Microsoft Outlook data file that stores a user’s Outlook data, including emails, attachments, calendar events, contacts, tasks, and other on their computer hard disk.When your Outlook PST files get lost, deleted or corrupted due to various reasons and you cannot access important emails in Microsoft Outlook.

If such kind of errors occurs with PST files stored in these systems, then you certainly require a solution like Microsoft includes a repair tools along with Outlook, designed to help repair problems associated with Personal Folder (.pst) files and Offline Folder (.ost) files. The Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) is automatically installed during setup.

However, many a times, this free tool fails to perform the repair process successfully due to severity of corruption in PST file sectors. In such situations, you need a third party Outlook Pst Recovery which are professionally designed and develop to resolve almost all PST related issues in no time.

This Outlook Pst Recovery software is fully capable to recover all personal storage tables (PST) items such as journals, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar items, attachments, distribution lists of an Outlook user mailbox and etc. Get download free trial version demo:


Hello readers,

if you like Ruby and LaTEX then maybe this app can help you with writing and sending job-applications:

Greetings Sascha

Guys is this course good for mac terminal ?

I don't know what groff is, nor am I an iOS person. Why are these and ASP.NET showing up as some of my top skills?

Hello, have you ever met a website where to get instant, real time tech consultation/advice from specialized and skilled peoples that might you let gain some coins? It is wizpert; there you may just get pro feedback on topics you know the most: here the url: Any comment is the welcome :) wizpert logo.png

Short note about Chrome Developer Tool, snippets and their executing - Medium: How does Chrome executes scripts inside Developer Tool

Blog post about the pyramid used in software testing.

The pyramid details the amount of unit tests, integration tests and acceptance tests you should be writing for good test coverage. Although this is great, it's not always this black and white. This post details what influences your testing strategy and what relation it has to the testing pyramid

Like to know which is the most popular developer forum/site in your daily work. how much mints or hours you'll spend visiting this site. what's kind of programing language you're using. what's biggest feature you like to have in 'developer site'?

If you have interest for the survey, please respond to this thread or send mail to I'll share the 10+ questions by mail. I will greatly appreciate your time and response.

-Xiupeng Xie One PM of Microsoft MSDN.

Intelligent portfolios for developers and designers.

We build factual up-to-date portfolios from sites you use to showcase your skills, expertise, traits, code, designs, education, and more.


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