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Today I found https://www.livecoding.tv site, so that I am sharing with everyone.

I hope you guys will like it :) .

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Pinolero Media

I am a proud founder of Pinolero Media check the coming soon site

http://www.pinoleromedia.com/ win-laptop.png


If you are looking for a method that could help you to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook then this post will be very helpful for you because here we are describing deep and unique information about upgrading email client from Windows Live Mail to Outlook including over all data like emails, attachments, header, hyperlinks, cc, bcc etc.

Quick Information about Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook

Windows Live Mail and Outlook both are most famous email clients to manage emails but have different features as following.

  • WLM use .EML file format to manage database while Outlook use .PST format.
  • Windows Live Mail specially designed for home users while Outlook business users.
  • WLM can’t able to connect with server while MS Outlook capable to connect with Exchange server.
  • WLM is capable to send and receive emails but Outlook provides some advance features also like notes, journals, to do list etc.

Foremost Reason to Convert Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook

All technical users know that Microsoft Outlook is more powerful email client than Windows Live Mail so it is the first choice of users. MS Outlook is capable to connect with Exchange server so it is well option to save all information on server as well as machine also.


Method to Move All Data from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Windows Live Mail (.EML) and Outlook (.PST) support different file format so first change .EML files in .PST format by using Windows Live Mail Converter after that easily import converted PST files into MS Outlook for access. Software is developed by well-known software company that provides complete satisfaction for users with 24 hours technical support.

Building for Accessibility (Slideshare Introduction):

GitHub Repository:



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In an attempt to start at a very low level with synthesis of complex timbres with the Web Audio API, I came to this simple little distraction. This code generates web audio oscillators and applies a slight gain ADSR envelope before pulling in a frequency range from which values are applied to those oscillators. Those oscillators are stacked or occur temporal in place to create non-tempered chords of sorts. You can check out the demo via the link below.



This video describes how to create a chocolate text effect in photoshop. No plug-ins required.

You need the following image to complete this tutorial: http://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2015/05/21/10/47/craftsman-wafer-776965_640.jpg

Watch here: https://youtu.be/cN8Ctz8r2Co

Photoshop Chocolate Text Effect.png

This video describes how to create a simple graffiti(street art) text effect from scratch in photoshop. No plug-ins required.

You need the following assets to complete this tutorial:

  1. Background wall http://www.iceflowstudios.com/v3/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Graffitidisbw.jpg
  2. From Street Art font http://www.dafont.com/from-street-art.font

Watch here: https://youtu.be/A6oFc2irRSE

Photoshop Graffiti Text Effect.png

This video describes how to create awesome water text effect from scratch in photoshop. No plug-ins required.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/SHOPWhQMxJg Water Text Effect.png

This video describes how to create a pattern and candy text effect from scratch in Photoshop. No plug-ins required.

Click the following link to download the candy pattern (image): http://diwakarkcmohan.blogspot.com/p/photoshop-tutorials.html

Watch here: https://youtu.be/QS4CL0wc3GQ PhotoshopCandyText_21.JPG

This article discusses about a method to export mailboxes Exchange 2007 to PST through internal available options in Exchange PowerShell and also suggests an easy method for the same.

While working on MS Exchange, users find it difficult to access mailbox data when they are not in the server network range. This is because Exchange bounds the mailbox access within its network range only. And hence users want to know how to export mailboxes Exchange 2007 to PST file. Once the mailbox data is exported to Outlook PST file, user can easily import a PST file in MS Outlook application and access its data anywhere in any system irrespective of network availability. Previous version of Exchange had Exmerge tool for this purpose which had limitation of 2GB. But Exchange 2007 has an improved PST export functionality.

What Are Pre-requisites of Exchange Export Procedure?

1) Exporting of mailbox to PST file must be run via 32 bit client machine with Exchange Management Tools installed.

2) Exchange 2007 SP1 or above version must be installed to perform this mailbox export to PST file.

3) Only Exchange Organization admin or Exchange Server admin can run this exporting task of mailbox to PST file.

Export Request:

Basic cmdlet in order to export a mailbox to PST file is;

Export-Mailbox –Identity <mailboxUser> -PSTFolderPath <pathToSavePST>

Margins of Exchange Mailbox Export Request

Limitations of Resources: This procedure is available with 32-bit systems only and cannot be run with 64-bit supporting systems. This makes this process limited for certain users only. To execute this process you must have Exchange application installed on 32-bit machines only.

Don’t Work for Corrupted EDB: If the Exchange mailboxes are corrupted or dismounted, this method will not be utilized. For this, mailbox must be mounted properly on server and must be healthy without any corrupted data inside Exchange mailbox.

Complex Method: It is suggested to perform this method in the presence of network engineer as the process is complex and any mistake can keep your Exchange mailboxes on stake.


MS Exchange is probably best emailing application with significant facilities to make sure that users get better experience. Its utilization however is restricted within the server network and hence it has provided certain amenities to let users export mailboxes Exchange 2007 to PST. But these internal provisions also have limitations and must be practiced only if you have complete understanding of its working. In case this manual procedure is difficult for your Exchange mailboxes are impaired, you can take help of external utilities. Many online applications are available for such conversion of Exchange mailbox to PST file like QuickData EDB to PST converter. This software solution is designed to migrate Exchange mailboxes to PST files which also works for corrupted or dismounted EDB files.

The information has acquired into light to declare the discharge of OST Recovery tool which is careful as most useful way to resolve corruption in OST file and easy way for OST to PST Converter. The unbelievable information here is that the device is prepared with powerful scanning modes that help to recover OST file data from severely corrupt PST file. Regardless of OST file size the tool extracts and recover OST data from it to permit users view data files. Once the OST to PST Converter tool is done then software are provided with opportunity of viewing all its contents before saving them. Multiple export options are provided for users to save OST file data into i.e. PST/EML/DBX formats. Customers who preserve OST data file information in PST structure can also transfer PST in Outlook is needs so that information can be again synchronized. Check how to recover OST file. Naming resolution options of tool is used to save output EML/DBX files allowing to specific details of e-mails like subject, date or name of the e-mails etc. The customer interface of the device is designed simple to use that help even less officially experienced users to execute OST to PST Converter. According to MagicSoft Recovery ‘We have wide range of solutions that permit users to take care of technological concerns within a number of minutes. OST Recovery is most required remedy that allows to recover OST file corruption issues. The tool provides easy user interface along with easy illustrative steps to carry out OST Recovery software to recover OST files and OST to PST Converter. In order to resolve more doubts, demo version of software is provided for user to assess the worth of device prior to making an investment in certified edition of device. We also have professionals at support to acquire endless assistance regarding working of our resources. Read More: http://www.magicsoftrecovery.com/ost-recovery.html 1.png



MS Outlook PST file contains various data like inbox e-mails, sent mails items, outbox, drafts, calendar, tasks and much more that are very essential for us. The all inbound posts and confident posts are saved in MS Outlook PST file. If you are getting issue with MS Outlook due to damaged pst data file, then it is necessary to repair it, because you may reduction every information that are available in this directory. Scanpst.exe tool is available by standard in every program, you can try it to repair PST file, but if the ScanPST.exe fail, so use MagicSoft Outlook Recovery Software to repair PST file. In this condition you can use Outlook Recovery Software to reliably repair PST file easily and also recover when it corrupt or damage. There are several different features implemented on this tool through which now it is very easy to use. • Recover Outlook PST E-Mailbox Components with Outlook Recovery Software • Probable PST Recovery Attributes • Repair & Restore Damaged MS Outlook PST Files • Recovers Deleted PST Files With Internal Folders • Recovers E-mails with Embedded Attachments • Makes Preview for Recovered PST Data • Removes Corruption from Encrypted PST Files • No Restrictions on Outlook PST Files Size • Export PST Data as EML, PST, MSG & DBX • Recover Multiple PST Files Totally • All Windows \ Application Compatibility • Simple and User Friendly Software Panel Thus you can understand how to repair PST file with the help of Outlook Recovery Software. So try it at once and take a look of all features of this tool.

Read More: http://www.magicsoftrecovery.com/outlook-recovery.html pst-recovery.png



Through this release, the company wants to make its users acquainted with the skilled approach of recovering critical data items through OST2PST tool from OST files of Outlook in the event of OST file corruption.

As business organizations are required to protect their ever increasing volume of data contained in OST files, it becomes very important to find a solution that would enable them to recover OST files in case of adverse situations. In such cases, the OST to PST converter application empowers them to recover the critical data from OST files in the event of file corruption or file damage issues.

Designed specifically for meeting the requirements of wide number of business organizations, the product has been incorporated with notable features to recover the corrupted or damaged OST files. Users can align back their business requirement with the help of two effective scanning procedures: Quick scan and advanced scan. The advanced scan facilitates in retrieving the most severely corrupted OST file data.

The emails recovered from the corrupted OST files have all their field intact thereby making users acquainted with the most efficient technique of recovery without involving any type of data loss. Further, the application proliferates in its competent recovery process by providing the availability to recover the OST files in either of the three file formats: PST/EML/MSG.


Is it? because i am trying to link my profile but looks like is not working right, i see that the reference is wrong is http://pluralsight.com/training/users/<YOURACCOUNTHANDLE> but my user profile is http://www.pluralsight.com/profile/lrpalacios

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