Technology has brought up many options in front of users and lets them choose the best or suitable email application. Same has happened with the email clients today. There is a huge range of email clients available in the market and users can opt for one which is suitable for users. In this race of getting the best emailing application, many users switch from Outlook Express and head for MS Outlook application. The reason for this migration can be different and varies for different users. If you are facing same type of perplex whether to switch from OE to Outlook or not, then below mentioned are some of the parameters based on which you can take decision.

Method to Access Outlook Express Emails in Outlook

Many users manage to switch from Outlook Express email application to MS Outlook but in order to access the old OE application emails in MS Outlook application, one will have to convert the Outlook DBX files to Outlook supporting PST file. Afterwards, PST files can be added or imported in Outlook application and the OE emails can be accessed in Outlook. This conversion cannot be done manually; users will have to use commercial utility like DBX to PST Converter Tool for such type of conversion. This software can provide complete email conversion from DBX files to PST files making the emails accessible in Outlook platform.

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This article discusses about the procedure to import Thunderbird Inbox to Outlook providing information about why users opt for such conversion suggesting a method to perform this conversion.

Mozilla Thunderbird application has ruled for many years and today also its multiplatform availability and easy yet attractive interface has trolled many users for emailing. Despite of these attractive features of Thunderbird application, many users opt for better email application for more superior quality facility of emailing. Some of these users have to make this switch so as to maintain the emails in two workstations. But the question which is enquired while making such switch is how to import Thunderbird Inbox to Outlook? This article will discuss some ways which can be used for this email migration.

Difference between Thunderbird and Outlook

Thunderbird and Outlook email applications and both desktop email clients but work differently with different architecture and storage files. Thunderbird application belongs to Mozilla whereas Outlook application is a Microsoft product. Mozilla Thunderbird being a free open source application provides added facility of newsgroup and news feeds. It offers management of multiple accounts with different identities. Quick search, saved search folders, message grouping, advanced message filtering, are some of the features of this magnificent client. Along with POP and IMAP, LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is also supported. It also supports S/MIME standard and the most important trait of this email client because of which users opt for it is that Thunderbird is cross-platform application. Storage of Thunderbird emails is done in the MBOX file.

MS Outlook on the other hand is personal information manager available with MS Office suite. Along with the emailing facility, this application also facilitates users with other benefits like contact management, task/note making, web browsing, etc. MS Outlook application is available for Windows only. One more edition of Outlook email client is available for Mac OS but both of these email clients are different. MS Outlook for Windows can be used as stand-alone application or can be also used as email client for MS Exchange and SharePoint servers. Storage of Outlook emails is done in the PST file. Due to this facility, most of the organizations opt for MS Outlook applications instead of Thunderbird application.

How to Access Emails from Thunderbird?

Users who are looking for a technique to import emails from Thunderbird application directly are not aware of the fact that this option is not available in MS Outlook application. Users cannot import the emails from the Thunderbird application to MS Outlook application as in the import options; MBOX file format is not available. MS Outlook application does not support MBOX file format and hence in any way, it is impossible to directly import MBOX file. But one work-around method can be done in order to access MBOX file emails in MS Outlook. This work-around involves conversion of emails from MBOX files to PST files. Once the emails are converted to PST file, it can be imported in the MS Outlook application easily. In order to perform this MBOX to PST conversion procedure, users can take help of specialized software solutions like MBOX Converter. Such software adds MBOX files and extracts data from the file saving it to new PST file. This converted PST file with Thunderbird emails can be then imported in Outlook application. Thus, users will be allowed to access Thunderbird emails in MS Outlook application.

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OST is the offline storage files in Microsoft Exchange Server while working with Default Cached Mode enabled. OST files are the exact replica of the mailboxes on the Exchange Server. OST files allow users to work offline when server is not accessible and later it is synchronized with server. The OST files are internally structured as B-trees with leaves and nodes. The improper or error in synchronization may alter the internal structure of OST. Error 00000015 is one such error that occurs in Outlook when working with OST files. Lets’ see the error in detail.

What is Internal Error=00000015 in OST?

The Error causes the inaccessibility of the OST files to the users. This can happen due to any type of corruption occurred at the internal structure of the OST. The error is an indication of the unsophisticated internal structure of the OST. Various possible causes for this error can be-

• Error in synchronization with the Exchange Server. • Power failure and thereby improper shutdown of the server. • Virus or malware intrusion to the files. • Bad sectors on the hard disk. • OST files exceeding the file size limitation. • Issues in compatibility with different versions.

Fix the Error

The internal errors and inaccessibility of the OST files can be fixed by manual methods. Microsoft provides a built-in utility to repair the OST files to an extent. Deploying of any of the below mentioned solution can fix the errors in OST.

Manual Method with Scanost.exe

Scanost.exe is the default utility provided by Microsoft to handle the issues in OST files. This method is described in the below

  1. Make sure that MS outlook is not running on the system.
  2. Find Scanost.exe from the program files and double click on the exe file to run the utility.
  3. Select the corresponding profile where the inaccessible OST resides.
  4. Click on connect if you get a prompt to do so.
  5. Select Repair Errors and then Begin Scan to do automatic repairing of OST.

NOTE: The scanost.exe is available only in Outlook 2007 and is removed from 2010 version.

The problem with scanost.exe is that it does not always produce the desired output. The utility can fix only synchronization errors. The severely corrupted files cannot be repaired using scanost.exe utility.

Restore from backup

Another possible solution is to restore the healthy backup in order to escape from the errors. This is not a good solution for fixing the internal errors in OST. However this may be the only solution in some cases. What to do if the healthy backups are not available?

Smart Walk

It is better to use third party software to fix OST file issues. OST recovery is a free tool for converting OST to PST and can also recover data from corrupted OST. The tool assists the users in fixing any type of internal errors at OST files. The tool fixes the exchange OST errors and exports to PST.

Author Bio: We are the professionals who spent time in finding solutions to various issues related to data recovery and management. We introduce the free tool for converting OST to PST which works well when stuck with internal OST errors like Error=00000015.


Microsoft introduced desktop emailing Outlook application for both Mac and Windows, but both of these email applications are not completely identical. Both of these application stick to basic functionality of emailing but most of the facilities, appearance, and architecture of applications are different. Outlook for Windows seems to be more powerful email client as compared to Outlook for Windows and because of this, many users tend to move from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. The switchover from Mac Operating Systems to Windows Operating Systems can also propel users for this email client switch. The most gruesome situation which is commonly faced by users is that emails of Outlook for Mac application cannot be accessed in Outlook for Windows. In such situation the only option left is to export OLM to PST file.

Restrictions for OLM Access in Outlook for Windows

As discussed before, both of these emailing applications Outlook 2011 and MS Outlook for Mac and Windows respectively are different. The email file format they support is also different. Outlook 2011 can be archived as an OLM file which holds the data which is archived manually by user. And MS Outlook for Windows application stores emails and other data entities in PST file. Both of these files are different and hence cannot be accessed in the other application. In order to make the emails accessible in Outlook application one will need to export OLM to PST file and only then the emails will be accessible. This export has to be done maintaining the folder-hierarchy of the emails and all the technical attributes of the emails and other data items.

Proposed Solution for OLM to PST Conversion

As the conversion of OLM file data to PST file cannot be done manually, this conversion has to be done using a commercial utility. Outlook Mac Exporter is an exceptional software program which can be used to accommodate the email file conversion. This software is an extraordinary mode for such type of conversion which carries out complete email conversion from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook for Windows. But it has to be made sure that the emails have been archived as an OLM file which will be converted to PST file thorough export OLM to PST procedure.

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If you have password protected PST file and password has been lost, then PST file unlocker software may be very helpful for you because this software is capable to remove security password permanently. Software offers facility to unlock unlimited Outlook PST files, remove polyglot and old password and unlock all PST files created by Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

If your Microsoft Outlook account is connected with Exchange server then is generates offline storage table (OST) files for working in offline mode when server connectivity is not available. All offline data will be automatically synchronize with Exchange server when server connectivity obtainable. OST file is saved on HARD drive of your computer that has same information like Exchange server.

Third party program free OST Viewer is available in online market place that gives complete authority to preview all OST file data into software panel like emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, journals. The tool provides some technically advanced features like “Advance Scanning” for recover deleted/corrupted OST files.


Situations to Read Outlook OST Files without Outlook

Suppose you are working with an organization that is using MS Outlook with Exchange server and your important data is saved on Exchange server and now you are planning to change this job without missing important data then copy .OST file and paste on pen drive to carry and use OST file viewer program to read all information.

If someone is using Microsoft Outlook with Exchange server but server is down due to under maintenance related issues and you want to read Outlook OST file data that is not possible manually in this situation free OST Viewer is the perfect match.

Suppose your boss gives you an OST files with important information, then you can apply this software to read all information from OST file with attachments, send/receive information, components, HTML links etc.

Conclusion: Software free OST viewer offers multiple advance features free of cost like preview unlimited OST files with all components, fix corrupted OST file for preview, dual screen views etc. If you want to save OST file information into PDF format then purchase OST Viewer Pro software.

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Lotus Notes is email client provides functionality to users that reaches far beyond at a point where traditional email clients like MS Outlook fails to reach. It acts as an instant messenger, Browser, Notebook, Calendar/Resource reservation email client and also known as platform that used for interacting with collaborative applications.

If you are Outlook user and are unable to avail the facilities of such tremendous features of Notes client, then just convert Outlook messages to Lotus Notes. Meanwhile, the upcoming segment will draw some advanced features of Lotus Notes email client which are responsible for the NSF to PST conversion amongst most of business enterprises.

IBM Notes allow swift development of databases that consist of forms, which helps users in creating documents, and viewing which helps in displaying selected documents fields in columns.

Notes instant messaging allows users to see number of co-workers online and have chat sessions with single as well as multiple people.

Security is another feature that is built-in into the product. Notes were first widely adopted application to use public key for client-server and server-server authentication and also for encryption of data.

In addition of being a “Groupware” system, Notes is a platform designed for developing customized client-server and web applications. It facilitates the construction of Workflow type of applications which helps users in performing typical tasks effortlessly.

The bottom line indicates, for utilizing miraculous features of Lotus Notes client one should convert Outlook messages to Lotus Notes client without wasting much time. But PST to NSF conversion is not as easy as other tasks; it requires proper techniques and conversion tool that swiftly converts databases from one platform to other.

Outlook To Notes – Advanced Technique For Enterprises

PST to NSF Converter tool is one of advanced tools used for converting databases from MS Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes client without any efforts. The Outlook to Notes converter software is designed to convert selective as well as whole PST file data into Lotus Notes NSF file with all metadata. The tool also helps to convert Outlook messages to Lotus Notes with email “Filter” option. Via this filter option users are offered to transfer only email messages instead of whole PST file.

In addition the tools offer much more facilities like “Exclude deleted items” and calendar/tasks filters as per user’s requirements.

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If you are looking for a method that could help you to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook then this post will be very helpful for you because here we are describing deep and unique information about upgrading email client from Windows Live Mail to Outlook including over all data like emails, attachments, header, hyperlinks, cc, bcc etc.

Quick Information about Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook

Windows Live Mail and Outlook both are most famous email clients to manage emails but have different features as following.

  • WLM use .EML file format to manage database while Outlook use .PST format.
  • Windows Live Mail specially designed for home users while Outlook business users.
  • WLM can’t able to connect with server while MS Outlook capable to connect with Exchange server.
  • WLM is capable to send and receive emails but Outlook provides some advance features also like notes, journals, to do list etc.

Foremost Reason to Convert Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook

All technical users know that Microsoft Outlook is more powerful email client than Windows Live Mail so it is the first choice of users. MS Outlook is capable to connect with Exchange server so it is well option to save all information on server as well as machine also.


Method to Move All Data from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Windows Live Mail (.EML) and Outlook (.PST) support different file format so first change .EML files in .PST format by using Windows Live Mail Converter after that easily import converted PST files into MS Outlook for access. Software is developed by well-known software company that provides complete satisfaction for users with 24 hours technical support.

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