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Vimdeck - Vim as a presentation tool

I made a thing. It's called Vimdeck and it lets you write a presentation in a single markdown file and then converts that file into multiple "slides" to be opened and shared in VIM.

Buffers as slides. Genius, no? Plus, I added some ascii art conversion stuff too.

Head over to the GitHub page to check it out. demo3.png


Scott Smith made a comment

You had me at ascii art conversion :)

This is really cool. One question, how does it determine where to split the single markdown file into multiple slides?

Stefan Cosma made a comment

Now this is impressive! Nice job! Defenetly worth sharing. :)

Tyler Benziger made a comment

@scott Forgot to put that in the README... It looks for 2 newlines between slides.

@stefanbc Thanks! The ascii art stuff is actually just a couple ruby gems that I'm using. All the script does is some basic parsing and some vimscript generation.

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