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Unstack: a Vim plugin for opening stack traces

I often find myself viewing a log file or program output in vim and coming across a stack trace. When this happens, I want to see more context than the single line in the stack trace and I may want to edit the files to fix the bug right then. To accomplish this, I created Unstack.

It can easily be extended to support any language, but currently supports Python, Ruby, and C#.



Scott Smith made a comment

This is very cool and quite useful!

Rashaad Essop made a comment

@scott admit it - the nerdy retro tron amiga 1980's "hacker" (yeah those kids that chew bubblegum like bovines and have mushroom haircuts and rollerblades. and a walkman that uses 17 size A batteries) color scheme got you...

Got me...

Rashaad Essop made a comment

Seriouser note, albeit a tad off-topic... here's my current ST2 theme http://d.pr/i/B8TN+ Or maybe I should say my default theme. love it

[aside: I love all nighters in some twisted way because I pull out words like 'seriouser' -- Therefore: Geniuses don't sleep. Proved.]

Scott Smith made a comment

@skopp Nailed it...

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